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Prologue: Our Only Chance

The Belloni family has fallen on tough times as other humans are now migrating off Earth with only a few staying behind that are either farmers, too poor to leave, or just don’t want to leave. Celio and Brianna is doing the final count for travel but they know they won’t be able to go one of their children must.

“We only have enough money for interplanetary passport, the visa, and travel for one child and then not even one of the eldest,” states Celio looking over the finances. “Mirabella has to go.”

“She’s only 5, Celio! Possibly 6 when she finally leaves,” cries Brianna.

“Then who then? She is nearing the cut off as is Remy and Franny has missed the cut off for the budget we have.”

“Wait another year or so to get more money.”

“We may not get another chance, it has to be Mirabella. She will be our chance to get out of this hell hole called Earth. We won’t be able to give her much if anything at all when she leaves but we need to get the wheels moving now if we want our family to survive. We both lost our jobs to aliens you as a banker and I as a sales representative. We didn’t make that much but enough to have a good life now we can’t do that since now I cannot visit stores so they can buy my products and all banks relocated to support alien transactions. This is what we need to give us a leg up in this economy now.”

“I still don’t like it, there has to be another option in a year’s time. If anything let’s get some spending money for Mirabella so she can at least eat and be fed even if it isn’t the best food.”

“She will eat the ship will have food and water?”

“How? Most ships that we are talking about are pirate ships or cargo ships that have plants in them and they don’t take kind to people stealing. The passenger ships you said cost more and we won’t be able to afford them even if meals are included.”

“She will need to work for it and nothing more. Mirabella will find away. Even at 5 years old she is more than ready for this due to resilience that she has and it doesn’t help that you baby her even if she is the youngest. Hell she cannot go to school and look at her, her education relies on the aliens coming through here.”

“She maybe resilient, Celio, but she is still our child and the youngest. We will most likely be dead before she can bring us to her.”

“Then she can start a new family.”

“Please don’t do this to her.”

“She will go and that is final. Brianna, you said you’d let me have the last say and that’s what I’m doing. I’ve listened to you but if we postpone this much longer no one of our family will get off this planet, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Celio, but I still don’t agree with it. Who will she go to?”

“I have friends they will be her boss, Cheveyo and Yerazig will take good care of her after she lands”

“Aren’t they hopper bosses? That is what you want her to do for money?”

“Yes they are but they are one of the best and they won’t put her in unnecessary danger. Most of their hoppers remain out of the system and if they do get in the system action is taken so it doesn’t happen again up to the point of being fired.”

“But she will still be in danger. What will her tasks be at her age?”

“According to Cheveyo, she will be used for until puberty hits mainly running messages to his colleagues and elder hoppers in his care for missions and from time to time being a companion to elderly people. As she ages though the elder hoppers will train her and she will be sent on collection missions and he said because she will be his first female hopper that her companionship missions will evolve over time and most likely help with kids her age now traveling to other worlds.”

“Will she be their youngest?”

“No, they’ve had younger I think he said their youngest was 3 years old shortly after his parents died, but she will be one of his youngest. He also has 5 boys right now as hoppers that have been with him for a long time. Most of his hoppers quit when they find their permanent homes very rarely does he have to let them go.”

“So he will be good to her?”

“Yes and he says that the market is ready now and if we wait longer the market will close on us. He only takes when the market is ready and he says it could be awhile before it is again ready. I already sent in her application and he has called back saying she has a phone interview tomorrow at 09:00 hours. She is in bed with right now being 22:23 hours and she is normally in bed by 20:30 and awake at 07:00 hours.”

“Why did you go behind my back?”

“Sorry, I had no choice before he closes his application process and he is looking to add at least 5 more to his hoppers no more than 10. If all goes well, Mirabella will be hired by him.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“Then we’ll have to figure things out and possibly send her with no action plan and hopes it works out. Cheveyo and Yerazig is the action plan for now and she will be making more money than we can down here.”

“So what is she to wear? We hardly have any good clothes for her let alone suitable for an interview for us let alone her. She has all hand me downs from our older children.”

“The most presentable ones we can find for her. Also we will need to tell her in the morning what is going on so we don’t jump this on her.”

“Of course, I was going to suggest that if you were going to push it on her. Do you have anything else that you want to discuss away from our children? I would like to go to bed soon.”

“No, this was it and for now I only want Mira to know so we need to wake her up earlier so the others don’t catch on especially her brothers. They will try to defend her and stop us from sending her.”

“I don’t blame them. This is suicide for her and not one parents normally take.”

“Well then, we both should head for bed.”

With that both Celio and Brianna heads to bed in hopes that their youngest at 5 years old will be all right when this is all said and done. The nights now in Pennsylvania delivers deadly storm even in their small town. Hell most of these storms come out at night and it is prevalent around the farm lands and forests that a curfew at 19:30 hours was created so no one will die in them and can come back out at 06:00 hours. There are a few that ignore the strict curfew but very miniscule in the small farming town of Du Bois, PA though other cities some people have no choice. Pollution has caused this to happen and many other things to happen to Earth. Though this night is rare no storms comes and the house remains at peace with Remy not trying to join them despite being 7 almost 8 years old. In fact all the children at one point during the storms in their childhood would crawl into bed with their parents though Mira’s attempts where only during the ones that are worse than they normally are.

Morning comes with birds chirping and farmers walking to their fields or barns to get to work while the out of work people get up to find work or get to interviews. While the ones with office jobs just get ready to leave for work. For the Belloni family getting ready for work was normal now it is fining work and depending on the day it depends on who is looking so someone can be with the children since they cannot afford childcare for now. But this morning is special they have to get Mirabella ready before anything else. Half an hour before Mira has to get up Celio and Brianna are trying to get the black curly haired girl to wake up without waking up Francesca and Amelia up since all everyone needs to share a room until the older ones leave the nest.

“It’s not time yet,” states a sleepy Mirabella finally cracking her eyes. “It’s not 07:00 hours, when you get all of us up.”

“Change of plans for today, the other will get up at the regular time but you need to get up now. You have something important to do today and we need to get you ready for it,” replies Brianna.

“Mommy, just 5 more minutes please.”

“Sorry, but I can’t let you have 5 more minutes.”

“Why not?”

“Your daddy and I will tell you shortly while the others are asleep. What we tell you will not be easy but remember this, we love you and if we didn’t think this was the best option for you we wouldn’t do it.”

“Best option? You mean I can go to school like the others?”

“No, we paid their fee for schooling when they reached of age to go to school but we cannot afford yours. You help down a lot at the space docks getting odd jobs to help us out, well the plan is similar to that but more steady while the others are in school. We will just not see you as often.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Let’s get to the living room and we’ll tell you more.”

Mira gets out of bed and the old holy night gown engulfs her small frame since she only eats a fraction what her older siblings get because of school. Like her parents, she is lucky to get one meal that isn’t scraps. School has always been Mira’s dream then become an engineer or a translator on one of the ships but the initial fee for all children makes it impossible to go at least for her older siblings it is a onetime fee until college. Celio picks Mira up when they enter the living room and sits her beside him.

“Daddy, what’s going on? Why am I up this early?” asks Mira.

“How much did your mommy tell you?” replies Celio. “It depends on what she has told you that I will expand on.”

“That it has something to do with the docks I help at and it will be more stable.”

“Well, you know the older ones that help out at the docks that come from the ships sometimes in the fields or at the docks?”

“The hoppers, dad?”

“Yes, well you have an opportunity to become a hopper to one of the best bosses in the galaxy, Cheveyo and Yerazig. We have saved up enough money for you to go to their planet and work for them if all goes well if it doesn’t you will have to be a self-employed hopper because we still plan to send you but having a boss is a thousand times better. I thought you always wanted to travel in one of them.”

“Yes as either a translator or an engineer if I could go to school. So this is Cheveyo and Yerazig, why this early?”

“I have sent in your application in to them and you have an interview with them at 09:00 hours so we need to first tell you so you wouldn’t be thrown for a loop and get you ready.”

“When did you send my application in without telling me?”

“Only a few days ago, the economy is at the best for more hoppers to come aboard and he is now looking for more. I really didn’t think he would get back to me this quick even if we are friends. He will take care of you and all that you need but it would be on us if you didn’t know beforehand.”

“Can you tell me more what he does and what my job should be so I know when we do this?”


Celio spends the next half an hour explaining what is to happen and informing what a hopper really does to her age level. Even if this won’t ease her mind he does go on to say that she has family members on both sides that have or is working as hoppers and that mainly the poor planets send the hoppers. It isn’t to say however that she will always be a hopper as eventually the find permanent homes. The main thing she would be at this age would be a messenger or a trainer before eventually evolving into running tasks for him that could be dangerous. Also there are some special requests that they do that bring in a lot of money. Finally it is 07:00 hours and Celio has to stop but at least Mira’s curiosity is satisfied enough for the interview. With that Brianna gets Mira in a pink, white stripe dress with white leggings and black Mary Jane shoes as that is the only thing that isn’t holey from years of wear, and Mira’s working down at the space docks. As the others just grab their belongings and head for school, Mira looks at the measly breakfast of toast.

“If this doesn’t work out, I will go to school, correct?” inquires Mira.

“That’s not in the cards,” replies Celio. “Sweetheart, I know you want to go but we don’t have the money for that even with what money you can pull from the docks.”

“But surely this will cost something, from the hoppers that leave here the price initially isn’t cheap with what is needed.”

“It is still cheaper than the fee for school for you. Besides the fee takes in count our jobs and which we have none other than odd jobs and they don’t counts so the fee for you is astronomically high compared to your older siblings when we had stable jobs. Now, eat your toast so you aren’t hungry during the interview.”

“The system seems screwed up, should I be cheaper then?”

“Actually no, it is one flat fee,” interrupts mom. “But the poor cannot afford the other planets control it and while schools here subsidized if you have a job but if you don’t they won’t subsidize. The subsidize takes into the fact your wage and the taxes you pay into the system. Our taxes helped with the older children, but we aren’t paying taxes in for you so it is hard to send you. Earth still kept it school tax than just relying on one fee for schooling like other planets so with you we would have to follow that fee and the rich planets have set the minimum. The minimum is still higher than what we have saved. Now eat your toast. We can’t afford much but I will see what I can do for dinner tonight.”

Mira sighs and eats the bland toast knowing her siblings are eating a better breakfast in school and will have lunch that she will not have. To think that in the 2 years that Celio and Brianna has lost their jobs collectors came and wipe out what they saved up for emergency to having nothing and just scraping by. Sure they needed to pay off the debt but if the collectors didn’t come they would have money and better prospects to have a stable job. It will take 8 more years before Celio and Brianna can clear their names and hopefully get better jobs than the odd jobs they take on farms. Choices they made over the years set it up so that the collectors came after losing their jobs and uproot what they did save and could possibly get. Finally at 09:00 hours that call from Cheveyo and Yerazig with their small scales of blue iridescent skin and down pointed elf ears coming through the TV which serves as the phone for the family.

“Good morning, Cheveyo and Yerazig,” greets Celio. “How are you feeling today?”

“Good, Celio, how about your family?” replies Cheveyo.

“As good as we can be down here, this is Mirabella, my daughter,” Celio pointing out Mira who is in her mother’s lap.

“Hi,” Mira starts weekly.

“You could have just put her in her normal wear,” adds Cheveyo. “No need to dress her up.”

“I know but her normal wear has a lot of holes especially her jeans from going from her older siblings and her working down at the space docks. So we didn’t think they would be the best for her to wear and sometimes they just engulf her small frame,” informs Brianna.

“I see, well this will be a rather short interview as I do with majority of the children that come and towards the parents only 1 is towards the child. One question I always ask is the ports or space docks as you call them and that she works down there even at her young age helps a lot in being a hopper. Can she read or writes?” inquires Cheveyo

“She has basic reading from working at the docks but she can’t read a full sentence or do basic math,” enlightens Celio. “As for writing, no we cannot afford time to teach her a lot in each section. We cannot even afford schooling for her that we would have if we had stable jobs because of Earth’s subsidization. The fee is way too much for her compared to our other children.”

“That is a lot, so not even day care for her?”


“We’ve had worse; we can work with it so it is no big deal but will be of big help if she could. Why did you choose her to be a hopper not one of you? To be fair with this question, it helps this rarity if we know exactly the reason. I know you lost your jobs and fell on hard times.”

“Shortly after losing our jobs and living beyond our means collectors came and took all of our savings and anything deemed not necessary. Since then, Brianna and I cannot find stable jobs taking jobs helping at farms not at the dock. As for why we choose her is simply at this time, this is what we can afford and when you told me the economy is right I had to jump on it is the main reason. The secondary reason, my wife and I have other children and even before we married discussed that we don’t want to leave earth while Mirabella’s interest is to leave the planet one day on a ship as either an engineer or a translator. This might help creating more practical studies for her more than a school setting than we can afford right now.”

“How many languages can she identify than your native language?”

“I can identify Theshanian, Plorania, Isomiagawan, Xugluganti, Cliuqu, and Kaetisis and I can speak basic Theshani and Plorania. They come there the most for the productions of our farms,” states Mira.

“Impressive, do you have an ear for language?”

“Mom, dad, and the people down at the docks think I do but I can’t be tested.”

“How long have you been working down at the docks?”

“Since I was 3 I believe, I could have been younger.”

“Prime age for your species to pick up language it seems, Mira, do you know what you are getting into? Are you all right doing this? I don’t want this to affect you anyway since this isn’t your choice.”

“Dad just told me what I’m getting into, I wasn’t aware until this morning. As for if I’m all right doing this, how many are? It’s not my first choice as I thought they found enough money to send me to school but I guess I have to be alright doing this since it seems they are dead set for it.”

“Such an honest answer most of the answers I get aren’t that honest. If you were older, Mirabella, if this was your only choice to be a hopper would you take it?”

“Most likely, as it will get me experience on the ship but I probably would be one of the older ones compared to being the youngest right now.”

“Yerazig, what do you think?” asks Cheveyo. “Would you hire her?”

“I would and not because of us being friends. Though I wish it was Brianna or Celio applying so he can bring their children later. But what she wants to become have been proved to happen a lot to hoppers with no formal education other than what they have learned over the years on ships. She would come out here one day. Also, with her ear, we can keep her as a messenger longer especially with her wanting to be a translator. As she ages we can alter her missions as to what she wants then. What do you think?” adds Yerazig.

Cheveyo then tells the family his thoughts as well, “This will be her education that she needs to what she wants to do and right now she cannot have. I like her as well she will be very useful to us in the long run since we can only supply males and do not have the subtly that females have to offer. So, Mira, you are hired. We will speed up things here to help but Celio, Brianna, how much more do you need to get?”

“We still need to get her interplanetary passport, the hopper visa, and pretty much everything. We didn’t know we would be sending her initially so we are not fully prepared,” informs Celio.
“That’s fine; we can get this done in 3 months. Get applied for the passport now because without that we cannot get the visa. The main things we truly need are the passport and visa. The plane ticket and the miscellaneous stuff we will get later. I would like to help financially but it takes a week travel between us and that time right now we need to get our applications out and finding more hoppers. We do have housing and food when she arrives for her so you don’t need to worry about that but food for the travel and necessities she will need otherwise like clothes for her size you will need to provide. But we need to discuss payments and how much she is to be sending back to you to help. While I wish this would be her money only to do as she pleases considering this isn’t her choice to help the family but this is what it has to be.”

“Of course, we also don’t want to short her. How much is your cut?”

“It is the basic 40-60 split, I get 60% she will get 40% since I do have to calculate taxes on my end and on hers along with my pay. She would get 40% approximately either way. The more personalized the mission is though she will get more as she takes the initiative but at her age she cannot do that unless she is requested. Most of our clients pay well and if we hire her to do a mission we pay well again keeping the split in mind.”

“Can we take 10 or 20% out of the 40% that she gets? Would that be reasonable?”

“That can be done and it seems you are taking out of what she actually gets. You do realize some missions though that may not be enough for you?”

“We realize that but we think 30% out of the 40% will be too much. How much do people normally take out for their family?”

“30% from their actual, we recommend 30% unless the pay is really low. You are taking her actual pay or net pay than the gross pay.”

“Ok, 30% then.”

With that Brianna shuttles Mira out as Cheveyo and Celio discuss finalization of everything since electronically he has to sign and then she will give her signature when she gets there. Celio finds them near the front door getting ready to leave. They trudge through the town to the town hall to get the pictures taken and applying for Mira’s passport. After waiting in line they get what they need done and get back home so at least Mira can get into pants as well as see if they can work for today otherwise no dinner. Mira was lucky that the docks were more than willing to have her come late but the farms for her parents didn’t want them to come since they have the help they need.

“Mira, were you and your parents getting you ready for school today?” asks the head of the docks.

“No,” replies Mira. “I wish it was though.”

“What’s going on then?”

“In about 3 months I’m leaving for Theshan to work under Cheveyo and Yerazig. I had my interview at 09:00 hour and afterwards we had to apply for my passport.”

“Out of curiosity, did you tell them you wanted to be a hopper?”

“No, I didn’t know it was the plan until I woke up this morning. I want to go to school and learn in school like my older siblings not are a hopper especially this young and no, I don’t think my parents will take your money to help.”

“I wasn’t going to offer, I was just asking since you are normally one of our early hands but if they planned this then there will be days you may not be here at all. You will be one of the hoppers that leave the planet through here. So how is the sorting going? Do you need help?”

“Good, and right now if someone could get the ones I’ve posted the papers to their proper docks would be a great help if they are ready for the shipment. Other than that I don’t need much help. And some of it looks like to have started to sort before I got here so I should be able to get done before the docks close.”

“Yeah, we had a few newer ones starting on sorting they didn’t stay too long when some of the ships came in and then left without finishing the list. And I’ll get one of the dock hands to get their shipments. If you get done before the bell just find I and I’ll see what I can find for you to do.”

“Of course”

Mira finishes her sorting work just before the bell rings only to run home with the a few Galactic Sterling’s that she made. Over the next 3 months they finalize the passport, the hopper visa, and the most crucial the ticket to be leaving on July 6, 2594 for Theshan meaning around July 13 she will be there. Throughout the 3 months though, Mira has been making rounds in sleeping with everyone with her black curly spirally* hair than sleeping in her own bed. They know that this is just due to the fact that she is trying to make the most time with the family and mostly that is done during sleep for her. Cheveyo and Yerazig were able to speed up the process to make it close to 3 months. In fact Mira is the earliest one for her flight though it will be leaving early morning when she is greeted by the head.

“Mira, the ship’s not leaving for another 3 hours,” he greets. “Why are you here?”

“Thought I’d say goodbye to everyone down here before then,” replies Mira.

“Of course, set your backpack in the dock and you can say your goodbyes.”

Mira heads to dock 1 that the ship is leaving from at 11:00 hours with some hoppers and supplies for Theshan before running around the docks saying goodbye to all the main workers down here. The 3 months down here was hard on everyone knowing they will be losing Mira permanently only to see her rarely and only if she has a mission to earth or if she can find a way to come see everyone. Around 09:30 to 10:00 hours the other hoppers fill and they all sign in waiting to go as the supplies are loaded on. A pair of blue eyes and a pair of brown eyes are watching Mira from dock as she still says goodbye after signing in. They have been ordered to watch for her, help her incase the females overseeing the children don’t, and if needed to keep her in line. Though from two different sources, they both have the same mission to make sure Mira is alight during this trip. When they board the boys, Esteban and Charles, greet her and say if she needs any help to let them know. The weeklong trip to Theshan is hard while the other passengers brought money for food Mira has none and Charles and Esteban split days where they spend money on her food so she won’t starve when it is the older girls duty to make sure all the children eat but they ignore Mira. Mira on the other hand stays a lot of time either on deck or in the engine room learning what she can on the trip about being a ship translator and an engineer. When the land on the tropical planet Mira has help checking in from the females but Esteban looks out.

“Mirabella, wait for me alright? I still have things to do here at the ports for the shipment before we can head to Cheveyo,” informs Esteban.

“I can get her now since they don’t need my help since my main mission is her,” reminds Charles.

“This isn’t Plora, Charles; it will be better if I take her and why are you interested in her?”

“Mirabella and I are cousins. I was able to arrange a mission with Lochesh and Arrosa on behalf of Aunt Brianna to look after her and they allowed me because of the connection.”

“Well then, can you make sure she doesn’t run off?”


“What’s happening?” inquires Mira.

“Nothing, Mirabella,” reply Charles and Esteban in unison.

“I like to be called Mira,” reminds Mira to them.

Charles and Esteban laugh to each other while they stay at the ports until Esteban is done getting some of the small shipments picked through and took. Esteban then takes Mira to the main hold as they head through the underside of the city Yhieta over whelmed by very big green trees. Though Mira tries to take in the sights and sounds while they head but at least she can get through because of the application process with the hoppers bosses, bounty hunters sanctions, and crime lords hire other people, as the economy is still prime for the taking. The secretary gets Mira checked in and in her room so she doesn’t see Cheveyo and Yerazig until the suns have went down. They are happy she got here safely and the report from Esteban was great so they have no qualms and the debriefing will happen in the morning tomorrow as well as her signature.

The next 5 years she serves as a messenger and a trainer for them and it is noted she is a fast learner especially with reading and writing on the missions so much so that she actually catches up to her age fast. It is also accessed that she does have an ear for language which highly helps being a hopper so they can easily blend in if needed. She also learns the customs of many different worlds and their habitats from not only books but also shadowing the older hoppers working for Cheveyo and Yerazig. After a shadowing mission to Cliuq because of a fugitive owing Cheveyo money and hounding him for the money owed, Mira has a transmission from Aclelians. She maybe 10 years old but she has no clue what is going on.

“This is secretary Oseye from Aclelia, how can I help you?” greets a green smooth skin bald female.

“Yes, I’m Mirabella Belloni,” starts Mira. “I got a transmission while I was shadowing on a mission for Cheveyo and Yerazig telling me to call back before I called my parents on Earth and that it is important. Is everything all right with them? The last I knew they were fine and were receiving their portion of the money I get on my missions.”

“Ah, Miss Belloni, we did want to talk to you about your family. As you know they finally got full time employment 2 years ago in the laboratory close to your hometown, but we had a mishap about a month ago when you were on the mission. I do not have good news, your bosses do know so your pay for this hasn’t been sent.”

“It hasn’t been sent. What’s going on? What mishap?”

“There was a powerful explosion in the laboratory unleashing a deadly disease in the area your parent’s were the first to die and your siblings and other civilians died. Right now Du Bois, PA, Earth and an 800 mile radius is barred from shipments until it lessens but from this area the only survivors are the ones that left the area before it happened. You are one of those. We gave your family a proper burial that and we have sent you a settlement from the others from their deaths though we thought you would like that what we could go to their debts so it has been taken care of. I’m sorry for your lost and there is nothing we can do for you to bring them back but we hope we have at least lessened the burden from their deaths.”

“Thank you, the left over settlement?”

“It was given to your bosses to put in your bank account again I’m sorry. Call us if you have any more questions on what has happened and if we can help you with anything.”

“Of course, but I need to get off,” Mira states in a near breakdown.

“I understand, and everything will be alright.”

With that the transmission end and Mira runs back to the compound and her room where the door slams. She cries on her bed for over an hour before anyone comes in and it is Yerazig.

“Why did my family have to die? I didn’t even say a proper send off when they died,” cries Mira.

“I don’t know,” replies Yerazig. “You won’t have missions for a while so you can grieve. Is there anything we can do for you during this time?”

“No, just leave me alone.”

“If you want anything let us know.”

Mira only nods her head and Yerazig leaves. This wasn’t how Mira visualized them dying she though they would be old and she would be able to see them one more time before they died and possibly bring them to her. But not die at a young age from either an explosion or a deadly disease. She wanted to be with her family one more time and now that will never happen.



AN: Outfits used in this story The Hopper Collection of Polyvore: #1-2 and Mirabella’s Uniform. I have generated planets onhttp://fantasynamegenerators.com/planet_names.php#.VYXBTflVhBcand fictional towns on http://fantasynamegenerators.com/city-names.php#.VYuaOvlVhBc. Also for consistency sake I will base the story off of Earth time as that was set standard before Earth’s fall.

The Hopper

Hoppers under-worlders that make things happen by missions but it is a mostly male dominated society. Mirabella Belloni is a rare female hopper and is selected for the missions needing a females touch ranging from taking care of children to careful negotiations to even some special requests. Though this was picked for her as a job by her poor parents before their deaths she has found solace in her job and can say this is probably the best education she could receive than being in school. She has her eyes set in finding her permanent career and having a place to call her own.

Each mission she takes gets her closer to that goal and she saves every penny she can to get what she wants. Though some missions do put her life in danger she is careful about it at only 15 years old. Her bosses, Cheveyo and Yerazig, says she is one of their better hoppers and don’t have to send in reinforcement afterwards to clean things up and obeying what protocols they have in place. They also say that her skills in her desired area to go into are improving and will send her on missions to help her get more experience.

Cheveyo and Yerazig since she was young have seen them as parental figures in her life and hopes to one day have her own after all the missions and finding her own place. For she knows she still needs to find who she is and where she wants to settle so being a hopper helps her see the worlds and for plans and opinions on what is going to happen in her future not knowing something will eventually turn it around and bring her something she didn’t know she was capable of doing.

Prologue: Our Only Chance


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I Can't believe I haven't updated for almost two months. I have been forgetting about this thing. I have finished finals and almost done with Christmas Break I have one more week to go.

Effolet.com was giving me problems ordering books throughout the break I finally had to order them over the phone. I tried on my laptop and on the big computer and I couldn't order them so it has to be the site. But that is the only site I know that you can order books without having to know the ISBN number for them. Oh well they're order and I can pick them up when I get down there.


I have an LG Envy on Verizon. I still have to get used to it and it is silver. I'm so happy right now. :) ^______^ 


Bigfoot or mangy bear?? I'm Not sure

Okay, I may be no where near my hometown in Central Pa. But this was taken 28 miles north from my hometown of Du Bois in Ridgway. I just saw this earlier but I had class next so I didn't write a journal then. I have two websites that I found it to be on and I'll let you be the judge. So LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!



They both have videos so you don't have to read the articles. As for me I hope it is a bear and not bigfoot because most sittings like those turns out to be hoax's.

^___^ Sorry, I have been gone so long

Don't you just love this picture.

Not much is going on. My birthday is in two days (26). I already got my gifts from my parents but that's alright. I get cake on Friday. I want some cake now though.

Hmm Maybe a picture of a cake....Sounds like a good idea
So funny. LOL

Well today I had to sub for a person for student senate. It is just the college version of goverment. Boring ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. At least it didn't last long.

Stupid mouse

It has been a week and the mouse has freed himself from the trap (Sticky Trap) so we haven't been able to catch it. Oh well it will get caught as soon as I get a better trap from my parents.

There's one smart mouse in Dorm Room

There is a field mouse in my room somewhere. I haven't seen him since last night. My roommate was wiged out last night about it.

We have a mouse trap set since last night and when we were sleeping it ate the stale snickerdoddle cookie and it didn't get stuck. It out smarted us. I don't know if it is still in the room or not. Apparently the dorm hall I am in is having trouble with mice because we are close to a graveyard.

Homework day

I had to do my homework today because I forgot about it yesterday and tomorrow I need to finish my bio paper I barely have it started. Man I should have started it earlier. But I got most of my homework done beside bio but I still have to do math but I know what I have to do.